Giving Someone a Gift




How will I celebrate it? Going to the hair salon for highlights.

Are you waiting for something more? Some crazy, out of the world celebration?

Wrong woman.

Instead of receiving gifts, I will give away a copy of my story, Party Favors, to a random commenter. All you have to say is, I want one before midnight Central (US) time. You can even leave off the Happy Birthday part.

So, help me celebrate my birthday by saying hello. I might even put on that bustier I think my lover got me.

8 thoughts on “Giving Someone a Gift

  1. Well, Happy Birthday! I still love birthdays – a chance to look back at the year and say “Wow – I’m still kicking and going strong. Look what I went through!” I hope it’s a good one, and I never say no to gifts. have a great day!

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