I’m slightly impaired today. I wrenched my left shoulder, and the unhappy muscles are cramping. That whole arm feels heavy, which makes typing an interesting endeavor. I’ve trimmed my writing time to 20 minute sprints followed by stretching so that the shoulder doesn’t get worse.

The oversized Bichon Frise

The other impairment is my dog’s head. It’s on my lap, her nose just fits between the laptop and my torso. It’s growing warmer in New Orleans, so I assumed the dog wouldn’t snuggle quite so closely. Apparently to her, the snuggling is worth the price of extra heat. After a few minutes, her head grows heavy and I want to shift her. I don’t, though. The other alternative is that she shoves her snout against my leg and snores. That is much more distracting.

(In other news, SammyJo won a copy of my short story. I’ve emailed her. Wheee! Free stuff. Gotta love that.)

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