Six Sentence Sunday (from a soon to be released novella)

Just before the woman says this, the characters had been frosting cupcakes, and some of the pink icing had ended up not on the dessert. She’d planned a more elaborate seduction, so she stopped the session to get dressed.

She backed into her room. “You do them. This could take a bit. There’s body glitter involved.” She slammed the door closed and locked it. “Take your time.

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36 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday (from a soon to be released novella)

  1. Gold glitter is all well and good and sparkly and all…but pink icing is so…lickable!

    (This is another WordPress blog that gives me “Invalid Data Entry when I try to comment unless I switch to IE. Oh, well.)

    • I wonder why it does that. I use Google Chrome and have no problems. Sorry there was a problem commenting for you. It makes it oh so more special that you made an extra step.

  2. LOL…Glitter is forever! Seriously…just when you think it’s gone, you catch a sparkle out of the corner of your eye and it’s almost always stuck on the soft skin of your eyelid. What’s with that?

    Haha…anway…Great six.


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