Six Sentence Sunday: From untitled novella

The reader needs to know something about Jessica, the lady with the icing from a month ago. She’s a singer with a certain look. When she says “that song”, she means “Making Whoopee”. (Catch some of the other Six Sentence Sunday entries here.)

“I might be here as the singer Jessica Gold, but I’m not performing.” She wore a 1942 reproduction dress with a nipped waist thanks to the help of a corset. She counted the shoes as her favorite part of the outfit–rounded toe red suede pumps that made her feel like one of those women the men painted on their war planes. “Plus you don’t have a piano.” Jess once loved singing that song, delighting in the wickedness of the words and the sultry melody. Then, Theo drained her bank accounts, ran up a load of bills on her credit cards, and left town.

17 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: From untitled novella

  1. I guess that’d turn anybody off the song, wouldn’t it? You’ve got a really great character here. Very intriguing. I can’t wait to read more about her. Great job.

  2. I loved the imagery in the description in her dress/shoes! It showed how carefully she prepared she is. What a dirty rotten for doing that to her! Lots going on in this Six! Well done!

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