Six Sentence Sunday: Lingerie, She’s got a thing for it.

This novella, from which I’ve pulled the past three Six Sentence Sunday entries, will be published with The Wild Rose Press with the title Behaving Badly. I don’t know the release date, but until then, enjoy a bit more about Jessica. The place mentioned in these six sentences is real. Check out the selections at the shop. Make sure to check out the other posts at Six Sentence Sunday.

Jess nodded. While she couldn’t afford to shop much, she enjoyed riding her bike along the six mile corridor of boutiques, restaurants, and houses. The mannequins in black and gold lingerie drew her into the House of Lounge two months ago. She’d saved twenty dollars a week to buy the bra, corset, thong, garters and stockings she wore under her vintage 40s dress. The owner gave her a discount, which is one of the reasons she agreed to come to April’s party this evening. Jess, for once, had some money not slated to go directly to paying off her hospital and legal bills.

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