Six Sentence Sunday: From Party Favors

So many great entries are part of Six Sentence Sunday. Read mine, grab the short story from Cobblestone Press, and then get on over to read the others. It’s become my Sunday ritual. I even read some on the other days of the week if I can’t get to them all. This will be one of those days since I will be on the road for some of today.

A quick set up for Party Favors and this scene–Dani and Guy reunite at a summer music festival. (Actually Satchmo Fest, coming soon to New Orleans. Grab your fan and go.) She begins the conversation after he asks her what is next.

A couple dancing forró, photo by Natalia Bezerra/Flickr Creative Commons License.

“I rather enjoyed the dancing.”

“Then I shall oblige.” He offered her his hand.

The flutter in her heart wasn’t from the heat or the dancing. “Can I just say that I should have done this in high school?”

“It’s better that you waited until now. I did the white boy bounce back then.”

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