Six Sentence Sunday: From a Work In Progress

Tons of great blog posts for Six Sentence Sunday. Here is mine. (If you tweet, use the hashtag #sixsunday.)

Everything about Diana caused his body to feel like a mouse on speed. His words wanted to rush out. His heart thought that the faster it pumped blood the better he’d be at talking to the woman. His eyes never wanted to focus on one spot. They liked the lean body that she clothed in skin-tight tank tops and pants, and they attempted to stare at every part. His brain had made great use of those images, but he needed to give attention to her eyes, large, brown, and brimming with emotion.







29 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: From a Work In Progress

  1. Sometimes it can be so damn hard for a man to actually look into a woman’s eyes when the rest of her is so damn distracting. You’ve done a great job of describing how jumbled a man’s thoughts can be when his “little head” is done the thinking. Cool – I Like it.

  2. I like his attention to her body but I love that he recognized his need to pay attention to her eyes. They are the gateway to the soul, or so I’ve heard. Terrific six.

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