Six Sentence Sunday: Theoretical Play

I’ve been less than perfect lately when it comes to writing, blogging, reading–gah! I have, at the least, been outlining and sketching story ideas during my respite. One is “Theoretical Play”, a story about a physics graduate student and a professional footballer (or soccer player if you live in the US). I have no idea where it is going or even what the conflict will be. Knowing that, here are a few sentences. UPDATE: Today ended up being a day away from the computer and Six Sentence Sunday. My apologies, because I know that so many of them are great.

Javier sat next to her on the bed and leaned in front of her. “I think I shall have to find more hours to be with you.” He nuzzled on her neck and moved to her lips. “You held on so tight to my hair that I am sore. Headers will be painful. You will be, eh, how do you say it, on my head all day.”

Check out the others at or look for them on Twitter with the hashtag #sixsunday.

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