The problem with writing

At least for me, when I am deep into writing (and editing), I have little time to make short blog posts. I don’t think that makes me a bad author, just a bad blogger.

A while ago, I signed a contract for Behaving Badly, an erotic romance novella, with The Wild Rosee Press. Then, I added another to that list with Risque Poses. My editor and I are now wrangling with changes, and I love that. Deep edits from a good editor makes the story richer and more entertaining. If you add how much an author’s skills with storytelling increase, the editing process becomes essential to a career. That’s how I feel. When I have a release date, I will share it for those two stories.

In other, equally exciting, news, I have another contract to sign for a short story. I’ll tell more about that later, which means I will have to blog.

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