Inaugural Weekend Dirty Dozen

A quick setting of the scene from Party Favors: Dani wants to be more sexually adventurous, and her hairdresser and friend brought her to a sex toy party. Poor Dani isn’t ready for all of it.


Dani plastered a smile on her face as everyone, the presenter especially, entreated her to stick it out. She worried that she’d have permanently red skin based on the number of times she felt herself flush. Leaving wasn’t an option now.

Frank consoled her, “I understand, baby—he ambushes me all the time. The trouble is, I like it.”

Delilah ramped up her sales pitch. “Let’s get a volunteer. Who wants to try the strap-on over their clothes? And who’s flexible enough to wear the position sling? I tried it once. Let me tell you, this is a woman who needs a yoga class. My body’s just not made for that.” She patted her wide hips and shimmied. “These babies get in the way.”


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