Weekend Dirty Dozen

This is from an unedited section of Bascially Bad, which will be released on Feb. 17th, 2012 with Rebel Ink Press.

“Yep. Probably won’t see me out doing too much crabbing or fishing these next few days. We’re using this as a retreat.”

The bar owner scowled. “You’re bringing a lady out here to patch up a relationship? You’ve got to be crazy, Vince. Did you suck up too much gas while fixing an oven this past week?”

“Now, Odell, fish camps aren’t just for men to bond. You can do other things out there, too.” Vince winked, and he hoped that would do the trick.

“Oh, that kind of weekend. Want me to go find a do not enter sign so that no one walks in on you while you’re naked?”

Vince turned the tables on his friend. “You should know about that since you stumbled upon your son and his girlfriend.”

I get some humor into almost every story, but I try not to do too much. It can be so subjective. In my current release, Party Favors, I definitely put in humor along with the steamy parts. After all, I do write that way.

Click on the cover to buy a copy of Party Favors. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it. And, check out the other participants of the Weekend Dirty Dozen.

Or try this list:

1. An Open Book 2. Ursula Whistler
3. Leather Sweat, Semen and Blood 4. Cassandre Dayne
5. Dakotah Black 6. DH Black
7. Karenna Colcroft 8. Cynthia Arsuaga
9. Lee Ann’s Weekend Dirty Dozen 10. Jean Joachim, Contemporary
11. The Cougar Book (excerpt) 12. The World of Subspecies
13. Avril’s Blog 14. Shannan Albright’s Dirty Dozen
15. Roz Lee 16. Shadows of Romance
17. Lucy Felthouse 18. Lisa Worrall
19. Lisa Beth Darling 20. Sweet & Sassy
21. Siobhan Kinkade 22. A Writer’s World
23. Adriana Kraft 24. Doris O’Connor
25. Dianne Hartsock 26. Robin Badillo
27. Double D Ranch Tales 28. www.ravenmcallan.blogspot.com
29. Tarah Scott 30. T. C. Archer
31. Gabrielle Bisset

Available now from Cobblestone Press

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