Weekend Dirty Dozen, 2 Dec 2011

From Basically Bad  coming out on 2/17/12 from Rebel Ink Press:

With Rebel Ink Press for release 2/17/12

“What did Vince say that got you like this?” Now Addie scooted closer. “Honey, this isn’t like you. What’s wrong?”

Jackie wiped at her eye even though no wetness had yet begun to spill. “He asked me to leave my goodies behind. That’s what I call them, goodies. He must not like them, either.” She’d opened the floodgates, and all her fears came out. “I thought he was the one man who could handle me. His eyes lit up the first time I asked him to use them. He got inventive, stimulating places that aren’t in the directions. He liked them, or so I thought.”

Check out the other entries all weekend at Weekend Dirty Dozen.

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