That Kissing Woman

She smooches in your direction with her red hair streaming down her shoulder and over her breast. She’s coy but bold.  She’s my ideal Ursula, and she’s all art work that sat atop a float during carnival in New Orleans. I can’t even remember which krewe or which day. All I remember is seeing the float coming down St. Charles Avenue and thinking that I’d found the perfect image of Ursula Whistler. From that one picture, I came up with the tag line “I’m not bad. I just write that way.”

Today is King’s Day, the traditional start of the carnival season, where those of us in New Orleans, along the coast of Mississippi, in Mobile, AL, and in Pensacola, Fl live it up before the piety of Ash Wednesday. I’m never pious, but I do yank it back a bit for Lent. You have to after the balls, the parties, the parades, the food, and the drinks that comprise what all y’all think of as Mardi Gras.

Have some king cake and hoist a glass. I will.

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