Fish Camp Day

My February release from Rebel Ink Press is called Basically Bad, and that’s due to the setting–a fish camp in Louisiana. These come in various states. I have a neighbor who calls his a camp, but his wife swears it’s not campy at all–nice bathrooms with running water, comfy living spaces. It’s a camp because of its location–near the water where you can go fishing.

Others run somewhere in the middle–a house over the water but still connected to the niceties of life. By that I mean running water, washer, dryer, roads. (Yes, I did say roads.) The one that we own is like that. We back up to the water and catch crabs in traps as well as a few fish. (Those sneaky things!)

Let me take an aside here to say that if you’ve never experienced the odor from a baited crab trap that has set on the bottom of the bayou or swamp for a few days you should count yourself lucky. The stink. Y’all, I love picking crab after they’ve been boiled in spices called such things as Slap Ya Mama, but I could do without the smell of the trap freshly pulled and filled with living crab and rotting bait.

Now that I’ve turned your stomach with that thought, let me get back to the other type of fish camp–the primitive one. It’s over the water, and you boat in all you’re gonna need for the next few days. It’s amazing–the quiet, the scenery, the relaxation you feel from knowing all you have to do is fish for your supper (or grab, or gig a frog, or … insert your own imagery). And, yes, it is relaxation.

Unless you’re a city girl. That’s the problem for Jackie when her beau Vince takes her to his primitive fish camp. They get back to the basics, and, well, Jackie’s not to sure about that. It’s a sexy read full of conflict that comes about when cultures clash. I hope you’ll get a copy on February 17th. I’ll post links as soon as I’ve got them.

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