Fabulous Fantasy on the Bayou

I remember the first conference that I attended. Lost is the adjective that described me. Yes, I pitched my story idea and got requests, but then, my writing wasn’t ready.

I remember my second conference, and at that time I knew so much more. I’d say that there I was with friends and felt comfortable. We had to tell the bartender how to make a certain cocktail. (All of us being ladies from the New Orleans area.)

At my third conference, I didn’t want to be there, although I did want to be there. I felt terrible. I only got through the first day due to ibuprofen and a few glasses of wine. The next day filled me and allowed me to grow as a person.

The Fantasy on the Bayou conference of the FF&P RWA chapter gave me a very different vibe. This weekend, relaxation and confidence described me. I pitched a story to four people, and there wasn’t one inch of me that truly felt nervous. I know that I can write a story. It’s finding the right place for that story that is the goal. Some people are going to say no. Those rejections don’t sting. It is just how it is. 

I also gave a talk, and while my audience was small, they were engaged. For that, I am grateful. Thanks, FF&P for the conference. 

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