So much happening!

In mid-February, my Rebel Ink Press story Basically Bad released. Y’all, it put a happy face on my Mardi Gras. Not that it’s difficult to be happy during the biggest party in the US. 

This past weekend, I spent two days at the FF&P conference here in New Orleans. I tried to think of the best part, and I can’t. Maggie Shayne gave a great keynote address. Tears. Love. Writers. She said that our fellow writers will be our best friends. I’ve got others that are close to me, but I agree. They know what we go through to produce something that many people sneer as beneath them.

Just before that I got the galleys of Behaving Badly, my soon to be released story with The Wild Rose Press. And, the cover…it’s love. Even my male friends agree that it’s a good one. You know that had to hurt for them to say it. (I kid. These guys are awesome.)

Today, I’m staring at the computer trying to get a plot to work, but he headache is getting in the way. So, I’ll rid myself of the pain with some coffee and cleaning. 

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