Behaving Badly releases today!

Cover artist Angela Anderson

Authors love these days, and I’m no exception.

Here’s an excerpt:

Jess saw him coming toward her. In the dimness of April’s crowded living room, she had no idea the color of his eyes no matter how intently he studied her. As he closed the distance between them, the ruggedness of his face entranced her. He hadn’t shaved. She imagined the brush of the whiskers across her cheek as he nibbled her ear or as his mouth traveled up her leg. Ah, blue. His eyes came into focus as he said hello in a voice that promised amorous whispers.

Her mind chanted, “You have a gig. You have a gig,” as if trying to stop the desire that caused her heart to race and her hands to sweat. Her fingers ached to trace the laugh lines beside his eyes. She bit the inside of her mouth to keep her tongue from licking her lips. She’d never wanted someone in this way, not even caring who was in the room. “I want you,” she whispered.

He wrapped a hand around hers. “I like a direct woman. Do you live close?”

“No, and I have somewhere I have to be.” She swallowed and licked her lips. The rub of his thumb on her wrist sent pulses of pleasure along her arm.

“Reschedule, please.”

Her brain clouded, but she knew her limits. “I can’t. I’m a singer. It’s a paying gig.” “Can you suddenly lose your voice?”

With a glance at the clock, Jess calculated how much time she had. Fear would keep her from going all the way, but she’d take what she could get. “All I have is half an hour.”

The half-smile and raised eyebrow he turned on her weakened her knees. He brushed her nipple as he put his arms around her back and whispered in her ear. “I can make you melt.”

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