Only so many words

Writing has sucked all the words out of me. I have nothing left for a blog post. I’m in between releases. I love Behaving Badly, and have since my editor and I went round and round making it what it is. Yet, y’all, I got nothing left after revising another story coming out later this year. I have only words left for writing. I did just sell another story to The Wild Rose Press.

But, short, quirky posts?

I ain’t got nothing. (Double negative and improper grammar intended.)

I’m writing on a story that was inspired by a real life event in my life. No, the character isn’t me. No, I didn’t do anything that my heroine will do. But, y’all, inspiration comes from everywhere. I’ll be damned before I let good inspiration pass me by.

Back to writing fiction instead of quirky blog post. Instead, I’ll leave you with a photo of the man that has dreamy eyelashes (according to my ten year old daughter). We’re on a serious Avengers kick in this household, because, yum. Sexy people all around from Black Widow to Iron Man. Maybe not Hulk. Green ain’t my thing. (Photo removed, because I don’t have permission to post it.)


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