Passionate Cooks and Aphrodisian Chargrilled Oysters

I am a country girl at heart.

I love being in the wilderness, surrounded by water, canoeing or kayaking my way past the wildlife in south Louisiana or coastal Mississippi. I love some Florida coastline, too, but that’s another story.

At our fish camp in the months without an R, we gather some friends, buy some beer, purchase a sack of oysters, and start the fire in the pit which my husband built for me.

We’re doing this to chargrill some oysters. It takes time for the men to shuck them, and I am such a girl when it comes to that. Men shuck while I get to eat a few raw before a tray of succulent oysters are ready to go onto the hot fire. When I first made the cooking sauce, I used wine as was called for in the recipe that I had found. Fine. Good. We ate them all, but I thought that some of the herbs used got in the way. Next time, I axed quite a few of the herbs and changed the wine to…

Well, you’ll just have to download the cookbook to find out. It’s available tomorrow from All Romance E-books. While you are waiting for it, go visit one of the other authors who has a recipe in the Passionate Cooks Cookbook.

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