Aphrodisian Chargrilled Oysters for #Passionate Cooks (with Photos)

Passionate Cooks is a free cookbook from All Romance e-Books that features recipes from a whole bunch of romance authors. Obviously, writing isn’t the only thing that we put our passion into.

In the cookbook is my recipe for Aphrodisian Chargrilled Oysters. We usually gather a whole bunch of people with a sack full of oysters to eat raw and to cook over the open flame of the fire pit that my husband built at our fish camp in southern Mississippi. However, I had a hankering on a day when it was raining and when we couldn’t get to our camp. So….

I improvised, which is what you can do if you don’t have a grill. Here are some photos.


Spiced rum going into the sauce. Some people like wine, but I prefer the flavor of the rum.


We used upturned muffin tins to hold the oysters on the half-shell so that the natural liquor didn’t spill out before we added the sauce.


Here are the cooked oysters with Pecorino-Romano cheese sprinkled atop them. For the second and third batch, we left off the cheese. They were just as flavorful.



Many thanks to my sister, Isabeau Whistler, for the photos as I was frantically cooking!

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