Thanks for Inspiration

It’s traditional to share what we, as Americans, are thankful for on this day where we celebrate the help that the Pilgrims received from the Wampanoag. Currently, I’m not in a place where I feel much thankfulness at all. We are currently in the awkward family moments stage of holidays here in Whistler land. 

Yet, I have to give thanks for these awkward times, because from it I have plotted out a story. When I’m done with it, no one will recognize the situation that gave birth to the plot, but I will know. 

I’ve done this before when something unfortunate happened to me. That story, Big Bad Easy, will be published with The Wild Rose Press. 

I suppose this means that I must look for the silver plot in every black cloud that hovers overhead. May you have a Happy Thanksgiving, and if not, may you have an inspiring one.

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