My year in review and some #Resolutions

I am a glass half-full person, which is why I am doing this year in review. I’m also not a prolific blog writer, so I am also doing this review to really see where I have put my time and energy.

As I looked at the year in posts, I realized that it has been a year mostly of elation with one bummer moment. And, I good with that. Who wouldn’t be?

twrp collageJanuary was all editing and writing, but that led to the release of four short stories spread out through this year. From Basically Bad (not currently available) to Behaving Badly, Risque Poses, and Man of Few Words, the emails between my editor at The Wild Rose Press and I have been flying. Between edits, galleys, covers, and finding the right blurbs, we’ve managed to have some great conversations. With another story contracted with TWRP, I’m feeling wonderful about writing. (Now, if the holidays would just be done so that I can get more writing accomplished. I’ve got so much planned!)

I participated in four blog hops, giving away numerous gift cards and plenty of copies of my stories. I plan to do more of these hops, because they are fun (when I don’t forget).

I featured shirtless men that I happened to photograph while I was out and about. I’ll keep that going when I get inspired by shoulders and lovely pecs.

Writing isn’t all about sitting in front of the computer, although one must do much of that to be a writer. I showed my face at the FF&P conference held here in New Orleans. I gave a talk there and met some wonderful people. I gave the same presentation at a monthly meeting of the Heart of Louisiana Chapter of RWA. I also got the chance to meet readers at their yearly luncheon. That’s really a nice event, and I returned from it with such zeal for writing.

I joined Twitter as my use of Facebook is less than regular. Y’all, social media mixed with writing can be so time consuming. Like, how can I get it all done and be married and be a mother and have a day job and get inspired to write erotic romances? I can get that all done, but something has to give. That thing is a clean house. I know many of you understand.

On the fun side of publishing, I had two recipes chosen to be in cookbooks for readers this year. The first are my Aphrodisian Chargrilled Oysters that are an appetizer for Passionate Cooks. I really do cook these at least three times a year, sometimes over a fire at the camp and sometimes in my kitchen at home. The second recipe is in A Healthy Holiday Garden Gourmet 2012 with the Wild Rose Press. That’s my every other Monday dinner–Vegetarian Red Beans and Rice. It’s low sodium, low fat, and all dat! (That is so unlike me to brag about something. It must be the chilly weather here in New Orleans.) In all honesty, I make this every two weeks. Everyone, including the children, gobbles it up, though the adults add hot sauce, upping the sodium count a little.

Even with that bummer of a moment when a publisher and I parted ways, I’m calling 2012 a good one for me. My resolution for the upcoming year is to be louder about my releases (like when Man of Few Words is available for other devices besides Kindle) and when Bad Big Easy makes it debut. My other resolutions include getting Basically Bad back out there and for finishing the story I’m writing now as well as one that has been kicking around in my head for a while. It wants to be let out. I want it out.

To those of you who have read my stories: Thank you. I hope you can look at your year (notice I left out family stuff) and call it a good one.

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