I’ll Prove I’m not a Prude–Why I wrote Party Favors

You wouldn’t think that a romance author would ever need to prove that she’s not a prude, but I did.

Except, I wasn’t quite a romance author at the time. I was just a wannabe. I went to classes. I tried the sensual romance route. I wrote, not consistently, but I wrote.

I also took pictures with a group of women who posted them on the web. We documented our daily lives with one photo. A challenge at times. We shared our thoughts and organized ourselves on one of those groups hosted by Yahoo. I shared these photos with my then young children.

Everything is good. Then, the photo that started it all scrolled onto the screen as my kids were watching. A basket of dildos and vibrators.

“What’s that?” The kids asked me.

“I don’t know.” I lied, because I wasn’t ready for that conversation, because nothing in the title of the post alerted me that the picture wasn’t safe for work or for children. You know, no normal courtesy that nearly all bloggers use. We don’t want to deal with those types of questions at work when we aren’t prepared for it.

So, on that group, I asked a simple question: “Should we put NSFW before photos of that type?”

And then the world exploded.

The other women accused me of censorship and of being a prude.

Um….No. Not in a million years could anyone call me a prude. Sure, I won’t talk about sex in the middle of a PTA meeting, but not many people would.

You know what I did? I wrote a damn erotic romance.

Don't make me angry. I write stories. Oh, wait. Make me angry all you want.

Don’t make me angry. I write stories. Oh, wait. Make me angry all you want.

There’s more to the story, but that’s for later.

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