Why did I write Behaving Badly? I have no idea.

I told you the whole story in the title. Well, not the plot of Behaving Badly, but I did divulge the story behind the story right up above.

I didn’t have a reason why I wrote Behaving Badly. I just knew I had to write another erotic romance after I’d had one published, because that is what you should do as an author–brand yourself.  So, Behaving Badly was the statement, “Hi, um, I’m um Ursula, and I um write erotic romance. I’m not bad. I just write that way.”

From The Wild Rose Press

From The Wild Rose Press

But, y’all, I don’t even write the naughty bits, not like other authors. In fact, the more I write, the closer I get to knowing exactly what I won’t write.

Maybe I was getting out my emotions about being a transplant to New Orleans. There are so many ways to make a misstep in that city if you happen to find yourself in certain circles. Yet, there’s a freer world where expression is in your costume, your music, your art. Maybe I wrote Behaving Badly to let my own self free.

That certainly sounds good. Doesn’t it. Let’s stick with that. I set myself free.

And, bonus, this title is just $2.00 through the Wild Rose Press. Just click on the cover.

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