My awesome editor Trish Owens discusses GMC with @MiaDowning007

Here’s a quick peak:

In life, we’re motivated to perform actions. Some things are fairly simple, like consuming that bit of chocolate now melting in your greedy fingers. You didn’t need much motivation to eat it. It’s tasty, it’s melting, AND it was free (it’s really good chocolate, too!) So why not eat the chocolate? Bacon is another low-motivation food. Shoe shopping on someone else’s dime…sure! Take this lotto ticket? Why, thanks!

But unfortunately…life is not that easy. Nor should your characters have it that easy when it comes to romance. It would make for a boring book to just have Ed and Mia meet and fall in love. They need some challenges to get in their way to prove their love and make them motivated to overcome their conflict to be together! 

Read the whole thing!


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