Today’s the Day! Wright Place Wrong Bed can by yours to read!

The Wild Rose Press has new releases, including Wright Place Wrong Bed, for 50% off. I don’t know how long it will last, so get your copy while it is cheaper!

Law student Amanda Fanconi, daughter of a district attorney, heads down the Mississippi River to Wright Place to get away from the hubbub surrounding her father’s latest high-profile case. When her wild friend urges her to hook up with a guy they meet over drinks, Amanda goes for it, glad to burn off some tension with the sexy contractor.
Rory McNeil shows up at Wright Place to celebrate a buddy’s new job far away from the swamps of New Orleans. He never expects to catch the eye of a sleek city girl hot for excitement. Stolen kisses lead to an erotic fantasy that leaves them both breathless and Rory searching for a way to meld his simple life with Amanda’s complicated one.

Romance turns to danger when shots are fired, and their night of passion becomes a race for safety and a quest for the truth.


“Are you sure you’re real, and I’m not in my own fantasy?”

He pressed his forehead against hers as his hands explored her back. She arched at his touch. Damn, how she wanted him. Her entire being tingled with anticipation. Her hips jutted forward toward his. Longing pulled inside her, bringing wetness between her legs.

She smiled against his lips. Her thoughts had brought up the same question. Blond hair, rough hands of a worker, and a voice laced with enough country that he had authenticity. This wasn’t a city boy parading as an outdoors guy. Real. “As real as the post behind me.”

His mouth devoured hers with renewed tongue thrusts and nips on her lips. With a bit of force, he guided her backwards. Wetness spread between her legs when his hips pressed her into the post. The rough wood on her back contrasted to the silky smoothness of his lips still crushed against hers.

She grabbed behind her to steady herself as he continued his passionate assault. Images of her tied to the post as he did what he wanted flashed through her head. Submission, at least for sex. Wanting to give into her fantasies, she put her other hand behind the post as well.

He left her lips and rained kisses along her jaw to the sensitive spot beneath her ear. “Are you going to let me do as I wish?”

She wouldn’t deny herself this opportunity to give herself completely to this man. She had a friend here. She was safe. Finally, nothing impeded her from filling a desire. Her heart beat a furious rhythm as she answered. “Yes.”

Available on 6 March 2015

Available on 6 March 2015

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