Welcome my newest story to the world!

From the Wild Rose Press

There’s a pretty special lifeguard in my life, and many of the stories I have heard inspired me to write this short tale about a lifeguard, a kind of rescue of a hot guy, and family. Yep, the woman is the lifeguard, and the man is who ended up being rescued.

This is part of the Christmas Cookies collection of books by The Wild Rose Press. There’s a Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar, too.

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New post each Sunday

Someone once said “Never let a good tragedy go to waste”. I don’t know who, and maybe I made that up myself.

However, I will not let the year of 2020 go to waste. There are plenty of bright spots, lessons, silver linings that can be found from whatever the past year handed to you.

That will be the focus of my blog (to be found on Book Gems). I plan to share the gems I have found. I hope you will join me there.