It’s been too long…

Life gets in the way, and writing takes a back seat. However, I do have a new erotic romance coming out soon. It’s part of the Real Men Wear Kilts by The Wild Rose Press.

I hope you enjoy the ups and downs of Tara and Andy.

A Match Made in Plaid

Coming Soon from The Wild Rose Press


A chance encounter with a roguish, kilt-wearing lord at a historical Highland reenactment has Tara Holder dreaming of a better life. When she discovers her summer job involves working with the sexy Scot who literally swept her off her feet, she’s torn between wanting to remain professional or to shag him for all he’s worth.
Andy Campbell has big plans for the family castle, ones that will once and for all prove he’s worthy of being in charge. He doesn’t need interference from the new castle manger his mother hired. When he realizes the manager is none other than the lovely wisp of a woman he “married” and kissed at the fair, he’s suspicious of his matchmaking mother’s attempt to find him a real bride. He’s determined to keep his distance despite being plagued with dreams of the alluring lass wearing his plaid…and nothing else.

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Inspiration: Match Made in Plaid

Kilbryde Castle

Years ago, I was fortunate enough to travel to Scotland and to stay in a castle. During our stay, we learned that a former guard tower could be rented as a studio apartment, and that there were other outbuildings that could be rented for holiday as well. The place is run by the lady of the house. There’s been a residence since the 1400s at this site. It’s been in this particular branch of the family since the 1600s. That’s some serious history.

During my stay, my imagination ran amok. I kept wondering how I could use this for a book. At the time, I didn’t have a good idea, so I tucked it away for later.

Over time, my mind kept wandering to my stay in Scotland and all the holiday lettings at this castle. I started a first chapter and sent it to my local RWA chapter’s critique group. One of my author friends mentioned that I had to have a better reason for the two people to be at the castle together.

I grumbled for a while, as we writers do when someone shoots down an idea (though she did do it in a very constructive way). Yet, I overcame the grumbling in my head to consider her words. What would keep two different people of different backgrounds in the same place?

I had two answers.



And that’s all I’ll say now. Match Made in Plaid will be published by The Wild Rose Press.