Six Sentence Sunday (from a soon to be released novella)

Just before the woman says this, the characters had been frosting cupcakes, and some of the pink icing had ended up not on the dessert. She’d planned a more elaborate seduction, so she stopped the session to get dressed.

She backed into her room. “You do them. This could take a bit. There’s body glitter involved.” She slammed the door closed and locked it. “Take your time.

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Six Sentence Sunday: From Party Favors

I set Party Favors in New Orleans, because of all of the sex that people assume happens here. We see mostly naked people all the time. It’s part of us, but that is also why Dani believes she is odd. Here are my six sentences for Six Sentence Sunday. Take a gander at the others.

As she waited for Jim, Dani closed her eyes. She wondered if she could ever tell Guy that she needed extra work to have an orgasm. She wanted to blame her strangely uptight parents and their strict rules regarding dating and the proper clothes to wear. Who in New Orleans repressed sex? Most people thought of the rowdiness of Bourbon Street with its titty bars and burlesque shows, although locals rarely walked down the street unless they had reservations at Galatoire’s. NOLA might be a religious city, but the line between Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday was as thin as a spider’s silk. On parade days, she’d seen more of the human body at the age of eight than most adults would admit.