Weekend Dirty Dozen, 2 Dec 2011

From Basically Bad  coming out on 2/17/12 from Rebel Ink Press:

With Rebel Ink Press for release 2/17/12

“What did Vince say that got you like this?” Now Addie scooted closer. “Honey, this isn’t like you. What’s wrong?”

Jackie wiped at her eye even though no wetness had yet begun to spill. “He asked me to leave my goodies behind. That’s what I call them, goodies. He must not like them, either.” She’d opened the floodgates, and all her fears came out. “I thought he was the one man who could handle me. His eyes lit up the first time I asked him to use them. He got inventive, stimulating places that aren’t in the directions. He liked them, or so I thought.”

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Weekend Dirty Dozen

This is from an unedited section of Bascially Bad, which will be released on Feb. 17th, 2012 with Rebel Ink Press.

“Yep. Probably won’t see me out doing too much crabbing or fishing these next few days. We’re using this as a retreat.”

The bar owner scowled. “You’re bringing a lady out here to patch up a relationship? You’ve got to be crazy, Vince. Did you suck up too much gas while fixing an oven this past week?”

“Now, Odell, fish camps aren’t just for men to bond. You can do other things out there, too.” Vince winked, and he hoped that would do the trick.

“Oh, that kind of weekend. Want me to go find a do not enter sign so that no one walks in on you while you’re naked?”

Vince turned the tables on his friend. “You should know about that since you stumbled upon your son and his girlfriend.”

I get some humor into almost every story, but I try not to do too much. It can be so subjective. In my current release, Party Favors, I definitely put in humor along with the steamy parts. After all, I do write that way.

Click on the cover to buy a copy of Party Favors. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it. And, check out the other participants of the Weekend Dirty Dozen.

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No Weekend Dirty Dozen from me.

Under usual circumstances, I say that I am not bad. I just write that way. Today, I can say I am bad about having a post for the second week of the Weekend Dirty Dozen. My reason is that the past few days have been a whirlwind of activity on a massive to-do list. From finishing revisions of Behaving Badly (To be released by The Wild Rose Press) to changing bank accounts to dealing with a smashed driver’s side window, I have had little time to devote to reading or writing blogs. I could have put off changing banks, but I’m mad at my old bank for wanting to charge me a fee to use my ATM card. Call it a feeling of solidarity with those Occupy Wall Street participants. The link above takes you to the website that has all the other authors of the WDD. If you like our Facebook page, you get up to date information, too. You can find that here.


Have an awesome weekend, and don’t make your own to-do list too long.

Inaugural Weekend Dirty Dozen

A quick setting of the scene from Party Favors: Dani wants to be more sexually adventurous, and her hairdresser and friend brought her to a sex toy party. Poor Dani isn’t ready for all of it.


Dani plastered a smile on her face as everyone, the presenter especially, entreated her to stick it out. She worried that she’d have permanently red skin based on the number of times she felt herself flush. Leaving wasn’t an option now.

Frank consoled her, “I understand, baby—he ambushes me all the time. The trouble is, I like it.”

Delilah ramped up her sales pitch. “Let’s get a volunteer. Who wants to try the strap-on over their clothes? And who’s flexible enough to wear the position sling? I tried it once. Let me tell you, this is a woman who needs a yoga class. My body’s just not made for that.” She patted her wide hips and shimmied. “These babies get in the way.”


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