Je T’aime

From Long and Short Reviews:

The sex was both steamy and sweet. I found the lack of verbal communication helped keep a sort of elemental understanding between Etienne and Genevieve. They had to show through actions, kisses, touches and simple words what they wanted and where their emotions and desires were at. Cutting out so much of the verbal sparring and posturing that happens so regularly really kept this story clean and simple. And I found I really thoroughly enjoyed it.

Big Bad Easy

From Fresh Fiction:

BIG BAD EASY is a strong, romantic mystery with just the right touches of romance and sexual innuendo made real. I enjoyed the fast pace of this book, the characters were quickly but efficiently introduced and the reader is rapidly sucked into the action.

Annetta Sweetko

Man of Few Words

From Manic Readers: 4 of 5 stars

Man of Few Words is sexy, fast-paced, and loving, and a good read for beach or fireside.


From Night Owl Reviews:  4 of 5 stars

Man Of Few Words is a good read for all the military romance readers. It is fast-paced. It is also a love story that should be awarded to all the men and women in the service.

Jen Jen

Risque Poses

From Siren Book Reviews: 4 Siren Stones

This was a short but sweet read that, as an older woman, I could enjoy and relate to.  Diana’s dilemma with both her husband and their divorce as well as with Mathias was easy to understand.  The plot was not overly complicated.  Rather, the author developed the characters through Diana’s internal reflection and in her reactions to Mathias. Mathias was so sweet!  Yes, he was younger than Diana, but he managed to be dominant in a comfortable, sweet way that I found endearing.  I enjoyed the solution to the problem of the risqué poses and would really enjoy a sequel to this story!

Marcie Oropeza

Behaving Badly

From Romancing the Book: Rose in Bloom

The chemistry between Drew and Jessica is off the charts. The sex scenes were hot and steamy. Drew and Jessica are a good match for each other.