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Sweet, Lovely Words

Today, I had the chance to meet readers and talk with a woman I met last year at the Heart of Louisiana’s annual Readers’ Luncheon. The ladies that sat at the table with me had great questions and even better thoughts about what made stories interesting to them. I was even able to appreciate why a reader liked a certain series of books that make my face contort into a mask of ugliness. Conversations like that open up a world to all of us and challenges the thoughts that we’ve ingrained into our brains. 

It’s always great to talk to other authors, but perhaps the best part of today was talking to a reader who gave me feedback, face to face, about the stories that I’ve written that she’s read. Y’all I had a glow all the way home. It’s fueling an amazing amount of words flowing from my fingers this night. 

My advice to you is that if you liked a story, tell the author. Either email him or her. Leave a review where you bought the book or tag them on Twitter. You’ll be giving sweet, lovely words to fill that author’s emotional well. We all need a little of that. 

Heart of Louisiana’s Reader Luncheon, Nov 10th

I’m thrilled and honored to be traveling to Baton Rouge on November 10th for the annual Heart LA RWA chapter luncheon for readers featuring authors. My chapter of RWA (SOLA) is donating a basket of books by our authors for auction. We’re offering books by Sabrina Jeffries, June Shaw, Farrah Rochon, CJ Parker, and others. Some e-books are included as well. Come join us if you are in the area. It’s a good time for everyone.