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Why did I write Behaving Badly? I have no idea.

I told you the whole story in the title. Well, not the plot of Behaving Badly, but I did divulge the story behind the story right up above.

I didn’t have a reason why I wrote Behaving Badly. I just knew I had to write another erotic romance after I’d had one published, because that is what you should do as an author–brand yourself.  So, Behaving Badly was the statement, “Hi, um, I’m um Ursula, and I um write erotic romance. I’m not bad. I just write that way.”

From The Wild Rose Press

From The Wild Rose Press

But, y’all, I don’t even write the naughty bits, not like other authors. In fact, the more I write, the closer I get to knowing exactly what I won’t write.

Maybe I was getting out my emotions about being a transplant to New Orleans. There are so many ways to make a misstep in that city if you happen to find yourself in certain circles. Yet, there’s a freer world where expression is in your costume, your music, your art. Maybe I wrote Behaving Badly to let my own self free.

That certainly sounds good. Doesn’t it. Let’s stick with that. I set myself free.

And, bonus, this title is just $2.00 through the Wild Rose Press. Just click on the cover.

Review of Behaving Badly from Romancing the Book

from The Wild Rose Press

from The Wild Rose Press

I regularly read the reviews at Romancing the Book to find new authors that I would like to read. How wonderful it was when I saw this review for Behaving Badly.

The chemistry between Drew and Jessica is off the charts. The sex scenes were hot and steamy. Drew and Jessica are good match for each other.

Thanks, Victoria, for your Rose in Bloom rating. As an author, I always feel like I’m just about to bloom. One day I real that full flower phase!

Blog Hopping for the 4th of July

The Winner by random number generator is Fiona! I’ve emailed you. Email me back. Congratulations!


Welcome to my part of the 4th of July Blog Hop. I’m giving away a copy of Behaving Badly, my new release from The Wild Rose Press, and a $15 Amazon.com gift card. (click the graphic to go back to the blog hop home page)

I tend to ask a question of those wanting a chance to win what I’m giving away. I’ll be with family for Independence Day, and I have no idea what we’ll be doing. I have memories of going to our town’s square (Yep, it had one!) to listen to music and enjoy food before settling down on top of my parent’s car to watch the fireworks over the water. So, that leads me to my question:

What do you like doing most on Independence Day?

(I’ll close the comments at midnight on the 4th of July if I am awake. Central time, because it is where I live. Comment away.)

Only so many words

Writing has sucked all the words out of me. I have nothing left for a blog post. I’m in between releases. I love Behaving Badly, and have since my editor and I went round and round making it what it is. Yet, y’all, I got nothing left after revising another story coming out later this year. I have only words left for writing. I did just sell another story to The Wild Rose Press.

But, short, quirky posts?

I ain’t got nothing. (Double negative and improper grammar intended.)

I’m writing on a story that was inspired by a real life event in my life. No, the character isn’t me. No, I didn’t do anything that my heroine will do. But, y’all, inspiration comes from everywhere. I’ll be damned before I let good inspiration pass me by.

Back to writing fiction instead of quirky blog post. Instead, I’ll leave you with a photo of the man that has dreamy eyelashes (according to my ten year old daughter). We’re on a serious Avengers kick in this household, because, yum. Sexy people all around from Black Widow to Iron Man. Maybe not Hulk. Green ain’t my thing. (Photo removed, because I don’t have permission to post it.)


Sizzling Hot Book Reviews writes about Behaving Badly


My favorite part of the review was:

Overall, I felt that Behaving Badly set a good pace throughout the storyline. It never once had that overly rushed, or extremely slow feeling to it, and I very much enjoyed the balance between the two. Behaving Badly was erotic and sensual as well, leaving me breathless from the chemistry that both the heroine and hero showed while they were together. I would reccomend Behaving Badly to anyone who loves a good erotic story with a whole lot of drama thrown in throughout. I really did enjoy Behaving Badly, and hope other’s do too!

Here’s the link to the entire post.