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Welcome my newest story to the world!

From the Wild Rose Press

There’s a pretty special lifeguard in my life, and many of the stories I have heard inspired me to write this short tale about a lifeguard, a kind of rescue of a hot guy, and family. Yep, the woman is the lifeguard, and the man is who ended up being rescued.

This is part of the Christmas Cookies collection of books by The Wild Rose Press. There’s a Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar, too.

To get your copy of Wedding Cookies at a Christmas Party, follow one of these links:
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A Review from Fresh Fiction for Big Bad Easy

ImageBig Bad Easy is a New Orleans based story based on something that happened to me. No, I didn’t become involved with a cop, but I did have my car broken into and have a great experience with the detective investigating it. 

All that aside, Annetta Sweetko from Fresh Fiction reviewed this erotic romance and had this to say about it:

 I also enjoyed the feel of the Big Easy that came through on each page, so much so that I found myself wishing for a beignet. I will certainly be looking for more from author Ursula Whistler.

Read the whole review here, and pick up either a print or e-book of Big Bad Easy.

Risque Poses, My Uncomplicated Story

I wrote this story at least four times, each with varying degrees of characters. Only the main character remained the same. When one of my writer friends made a suggestion about Mathias, the hero of this short story, I found the perfect foil for my heroine. It’s quiet. It’s uncomplicated, but it’s deep in ways that I think will touch you. Try it. 

Risque Poses 


Big Bad Easy is available from #TWRP

Paperback or e-book of a hot romance set in New Orleans, my former home. I enjoy where I live now, but there really isn’t a city quite like the Big Easy, NOLA, N’awlins. Don’t expect the sterotypical Cajun or Creole in this story. Get a copy of Big Bad Easy now.

ImageA grueling unsolved murder case is the tipping point for detective Jameson Kelly. He’s ready to hang up his holster for early retirement when Zara Robinson walks in to his precinct, the victim of a car break-in. She’s everything Jameson likes in a woman—tall, blonde, beautiful and athletic. More than enough woman to take him down and make him beg for more. One more case can’t hurt to help pass the time, especially one he knows he can solve.

Zara is a woman who knows what she needs, and top of her list is closure on this spree of car break-ins. And there’s Jameson—he’s big with an air of bad despite being a cop and all man. Man enough to easily make her feel soft and womanly. But when clues to the theft lead to something bigger, she’s glad to have his brains as well as his skills on her side.

Big Bad Easy with that Paper Feel

ImageI’m not one to skip forward past Halloween to the winter holidays of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas, but I’m making an exception since my latest erotic romance will be available in print beginning November 22, 2013. Big Bad Easy is available exclusively from Amazon.com until then as an e-book, which means you don’t have to wait. Yet, if you do, you’ll have a book that many readers have enjoyed for Thanksgiving and Christmas.