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Rebel Ink Blog Hop

I’m knee deep in writing another story, this one with a cop and a vet returned from Iraq, all set in New Orleans. I might venture away from this beloved city, but it’s so perfect for steaminess. There’s the mighty Mississippi running through the Big Easy, giving us life in the form of industry and danger in the form of floods. There’s the food. There’s the music. There’s the people, funky, creative, passionate. Oh, there’s some dirt. Some of it piled so high and stuck so badly in the corners that I wonder if we’ll ever clean it. Yet, it’s my city, my adopted home. I’m gonna stay here for as long as I can.

I always like to ask a question for Blog Hops, so here is the one for the Rebel Ink hop celebrating the year’s releases. I’ll randomly pick a comment to receive a copy of my story Basically Bad.

New Orleans: Why do you love it, like it or hate it?