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A Review from Fresh Fiction for Big Bad Easy

ImageBig Bad Easy is a New Orleans based story based on something that happened to me. No, I didn’t become involved with a cop, but I did have my car broken into and have a great experience with the detective investigating it. 

All that aside, Annetta Sweetko from Fresh Fiction reviewed this erotic romance and had this to say about it:

 I also enjoyed the feel of the Big Easy that came through on each page, so much so that I found myself wishing for a beignet. I will certainly be looking for more from author Ursula Whistler.

Read the whole review here, and pick up either a print or e-book of Big Bad Easy.

A four siren stone review for Risque Poses

I love to know that someone has read one of my stories and liked it. Image

From Siren Book Reviews:

This was a short but sweet read that, as an older woman, I could enjoy and relate to.  Diana’s dilemma with both her husband and their divorce as well as with Mathias was easy to understand.  The plot was not overly complicated.  Rather, the author developed the characters through Diana’s internal reflection and in her reactions to Mathias. Mathias was so sweet!  Yes, he was younger than Diana, but he managed to be dominant in a comfortable, sweet way that I found endearing.  I enjoyed the solution to the problem of the risqué poses and would really enjoy a sequel to this story!

She gave it four siren stones!

Review of Behaving Badly from Romancing the Book

from The Wild Rose Press

from The Wild Rose Press

I regularly read the reviews at Romancing the Book to find new authors that I would like to read. How wonderful it was when I saw this review for Behaving Badly.

The chemistry between Drew and Jessica is off the charts. The sex scenes were hot and steamy. Drew and Jessica are good match for each other.

Thanks, Victoria, for your Rose in Bloom rating. As an author, I always feel like I’m just about to bloom. One day I real that full flower phase!

Such a lovely review for Man of Few Words


MR Review 
Reviewer: Alberta 

Kirsten has sworn off men, but military men in particular. She’s about to start a new job as a chemistry professor at a local university, when she runs into Duff, a Marine she was in love with eleven years ago. He left without a word, and now he wants back in her life.

Kirsten decides to have revenge sex with Duff, and then leave him as he left her so many years ago. His revelations about why and how he left her make her re-think her whole philosophy of life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Man of Few Words is sexy, fast-paced, and loving, and a good read for beach or fireside.

Get your copy from The Wild Rose Press

Sizzling Hot Book Reviews writes about Behaving Badly


My favorite part of the review was:

Overall, I felt that Behaving Badly set a good pace throughout the storyline. It never once had that overly rushed, or extremely slow feeling to it, and I very much enjoyed the balance between the two. Behaving Badly was erotic and sensual as well, leaving me breathless from the chemistry that both the heroine and hero showed while they were together. I would reccomend Behaving Badly to anyone who loves a good erotic story with a whole lot of drama thrown in throughout. I really did enjoy Behaving Badly, and hope other’s do too!

Here’s the link to the entire post.