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Why I wrote Basically Bad-Just one tiny emotion

A few years ago, my husband had a moment where he needed to get out of the city. We lived in New Orleans at the time. While it is a lovely place with drooping live oaks and fragrant magnolias, it is no replacement for being in the wild. Instead of booking a vacation or taking us on a hike, he began to look at real estate in Mississippi. In particular, a part of Mississippi where there are swamps and bayous and tiny creeks full of critters with teeth.

I’m pretty sure I snarled when he asked me to come look at the houses for sale. I didn’t want to have another house. I didn’t want to own what people call a fish camp in Louisiana and Mississippi. The ones that I’d known about were very rustic, meaning no electricity unless you brought a generator and a primitive toilet.

Cover of Basically Bad by Ursula Whistler

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My husband didn’t want one of those. He was on a quest for a comfortable, small home next to a waterway so that we could wake in the morning for a canoe or kayak trip. We eventually found a place that suited us for a great price.

However, I took that sinking feeling, that sickness, I experienced when he said the words “Fish Camp” and transformed it into the basis for a story. The What If is a great way to get your creative juices going, and it did for me. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Epiphany! Get rid of the fear.

In a quick exchange the other day, a fellow author and I had this to say to each other:

Having fun with my new Final Draft software program that I got for Christmas. Makes me want to write a movie instead of a novel.

Ursula WhistlerUrsula Whistler ‏ @dawnchartier Then write a movie.
Dawn ChartierDawn Chartier @UrsulaWhistler Hmm. Not sure which I would have a better chance at.
Ursula WhistlerUrsula Whistler ‏ @dawnchartier It is uphill both ways, but I wouldn’t let that get in your way.
Dawn ChartierDawn Chartier ‏@UrsulaWhistler I’m not one to let things get in my way – I might pout for an hour or so, but then I get back on that horse…
Ursula WhistlerUrsula Whistler ‏@dawnchartier A good pout is great for focusing the mind. Then time to forge forward.
I’ve been one to pout before. In fact, I pouted for months when I parted ways with a publisher. What my friend Dawn Chartier doesn’t know is her resolution pushed me to get over that incident and get that one story back out there. I’m going to put Basically Bad back out into the world using Wildflowers Books. (Yeah, I could do it on my own, but I like experts. They’re, well, experts.) 
Read Dawn’s resolution at her blog and then make your own resolution to not let fear ruin your goals.